Reclaiming Experience

This blog is a tool for recording my experiences as well as evaluating my day-to-day life. With my camera in hand, I will make meaning out of my life.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31: Rants

So often when I come home I just want to think my thoughts.  I am so tired of writing papers, putting together projects, and all of the other mundane assignments.  Last night in my class we spent four hours working on an imaginary budget.  I am not very good at budgeting my own expenses, let alone a budget that a superintendent would do.  We were given no instruction on how to do this, and instead, muddled our way through the whole process (oh, and I was taught that I should learn to read by the professor).

I went to grad school to become a better teacher and open up options.  Instead it seems that I have eliminated the possibility for becoming an administrator, curriculum coordinator, or any other major leadership role.  I remember feeling so excited about running my own school the first term of my program, but I am so far from that thought now.

I've been feeling that school is set up so wrong.  When I think back to the number of experiences in school that had no meaning, I can't even remember them because they left no impact.  I worry that I do that as a teacher.  I try not to, but it is so challenging to completely avoid teaching something that students don't need because it is required that we teach it.  Sometimes I feel like we should go back to a trade program where people pick an interest and follow an expert.  

There are so many things that I want to change in the world around me, but I have no comprehension of how to accomplish it.  Why can't I love something and just do it?  And if I want to change my mind, I can't without going back to school or throwing money for something else that I might change my mind on.  A society couldn't function that way if we all felt that was how we all felt.  I just wish things weren't so permanent.

What a random blabbing on this blog.  At the end of the day I have to consider all of the moments that make me happy for the life I live.  Sometimes I just have moments where I want more.  Is it so selfish to want more in this only life that we live? 

For now, I just want my bed.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30: Craziness

What a crazy day.  Everything was go go go.  I was so busy today that I forgot to go to the bathroom.  I held it for 16 hours.  I know that this is more detail then anyone wants to know, but I think it is truly representative of how busy things can get.

Overall the day was not so great, but there was a moment where I felt like I may be able to extend myself in a new way.  I have a student that revealed news to me that goes beyond anything I can comprehend.  Although I have no experience with the troubles she has gone through, she came to me.  She doesn't trust talking to anyone else, and it has taken months for me to build this relationship with her.  I only hope that I can offer her the support she needs.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29: Perspective

I've always thought that perspective is an interesting concept.  There are so many ways to see the world and it would be sad to only view it from your own thought process.  

In my creative thought class our text instructed us to draw something upside down as an effort to observe more of what is being viewed.  I decided to take one of my favorite drawings and give it a try.  Testa di Giovinetta hung on my wall in Venice, so I decided to bring that element of the room home with me.  I thought she would be a perfect image to replicate.  The lesson taught me that I am no da Vinci.

My lady looks nothing like the original, but I have to admit I almost like her.  She looks very at peace.  Her lips are all kinds of wrong, but I think her hair and eyes are a bit telling.  One of my to-do list items this summer is to take an art class.  I am not planning on giving up any of my other interests, but just picking up another one.  I like to draw and would like to improve.  

I think I will probably be doing quite a bit of sewing this summer too.  Going to Provence will allow me to stock up on fabric for projects later on.  There are just so many enjoyable things to do out there, and I want to try them all.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28: Enjoying the Unexpected

I woke up this morning and decided that I would take a drive up to Evanston.  I've been thinking that if I cannot get a job in Indy, then maybe I can try in Evanston.  There is so much to do in the area and it is beautiful up there.  As I almost reach my destination, I get a call.  One of my favorite people in the world is in the area: Aunt Linda!  She asked if I wanted to meet up, and of course the answer was yes.  
We met in Des Plaines and had lunch at this nice little Italian cafe.  We each ordered a glass of wine and talked while we enjoyed our meal.  I think she is my wine soul mate because she is one of the few people that enjoys wine at anytime.  I love talking to her because she sparks my interest in so many topics.  I think she really tries to experience life in many different facets.  For awhile I felt like I was on one of our fabulous trips.  It was a nice getaway.

After we had lunch I decided to return to my original mission and visit Evanston.  I drove to the arts center and thought it was beautiful.  The remaining pictures are from that area.  I kept thinking about what it would be like to be able to walk to the beach in the summer.  I have been talking lately about how I'd like to live by a beach someday.  Lake Michigan isn't exactly the same as what I intended, but it would be a start.  I hope to go back up to the area when I can dedicate a day to exploring.

Although Indy is my number one choice right now, I think I mostly just want a change, and one that impacts a few aspects of my life.  Most people don't like change very much, but I think the possibilities is what makes it so exciting.  It could end up being a disaster, but I have to try to find out.  Somehow I doubt a disaster will occur.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27: Shoot for the Moon

I've collected moons for a long time.  One of the earliest memorable moments I have of purchasing a moon was in Indianapolis.  I can't remember if that is when I decided that I liked moons or not, but I remember the store and still have the moon sitting with my collection.

I loved moons so much that I decided to make that my first tattoo.  It symbolizes so much to me.  It's a goal, a place to reach.  It is about seeking balance; like the yin and yang.   I got that tattoo as a reminder.  As I looked at it tonight, I noticed that the ink is fading a little.  I have big pursuits ahead of me, but I can't forget to constantly seek what it is that ignites something within.

Today I took a few pictures of some moons I have around.  The first is an image on a box I bought at Wall Drug.  The second is a candle holder, but I can't remember where I got it from.  It was a bit dusty, so I made sure to shine it up.  The final one is from Pike's Place Market in Seattle.  I have many more, but I thought I'd share a few as a reminder to shoot for the moon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26: Hungry Eyes

After a tiring day I came home to a pup that was ready to go outside, eat, and sleep.  I was ready to do the last item on the list.  I don't like getting into the habit of taking naps, but I've been sooooooo tired.  It's nice to have someone that wants the same thing.

The last time I went to the vet he said that I need to keep an eye out for cataracts.  I think my camera is picking up on them.   

That's all I've got for tonight.  Hopefully the weekend with be fun-filled and action packed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25: Gelato on the Run

I came home tonight for my little break before class and wished I could have stayed home.  I had to get a little work done, then I fell asleep for about 15 minutes.  I think I could have slept for 1500 minutes, but this would have caused me to be late which is not good.  

To increase my stamina for the night, I decided to stop at Whole Foods to get some dessert.  I was just going to stop at Culver's, but I decided to treat myself.  I met a nice, older man at the gelato counter that seemed pretty passionate about his sweet tooth satisfiers.  He had me tasting all of these different gelatos and then he introduced me to a lacey, also known as "crack" by the whole foods peeps.  It is this thin crispy cookie that definitely manifests a new category in the cookie world.  I'm hooked.  So I got my $3.99 pint of tiramisu gelato and gave a promise that I would be back for more laceys at the end of the week.  This brief moment of happiness definitely gave me the boost I needed to make it through the night.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24: Silence is Golden

As I was walking Kendra tonight, a calm silence filled the chilly air.  I began to think about losing my hearing.  If I had to choose which sense to lose, it would be hearing.  If I lost my ability to see I would be most devastated.  Observation and viewing the world around me is one of the most satisfying sensations.  If I lost my ability to taste, that would just be so bad.  The sense of smell goes with that, so I don't want to lose that.  If I lost the ability to feel, it would probably mean that I am paralyzed which is definitely not a state I'd like to be in.

I don't like snow, but there is a lack of noise that is so pleasant when it is snowing.  There is so much noise that I wish I couldn't hear.  I feel like most issues are generated  from words.  I heard so many things today that I wish I didn't.  Life may be a little simpler if communication was limited.

But in the end I am so fortunate to have functioning senses.  I never wish to lose any of them, it was just one of those "what if" situations that runs through my mind as I wander with my pup.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23: The Importance of Water

I don't like the days where I am searching for something to photograph.  I had several great moments today, but none that would naturally cause me to bring out my camera and capture it.  I got to interview a creative person and sneak into the mind of someone that thinks about things in ways that I wish I could.  I had a good day overall with the students, which should never be overlooked.  But no pictures came out of these situations.

Instead I take a picture of something not so good.  One of my favorite plants is dying.  My watering neglect has caused my Baby's Tears to dry up.  I got this plant while in Indianapolis at the Museum of Art.  I loved a certain pot of this plant, but the one I picked out was not for sale, so they dug up some for me and gave it to me for free.  Who does that?   It is my little living piece from Indy.  Luckily I split the plant into two teapots, so I still have some surviving, but this one has progressed the most.  I've added water and now all I can do is wait.  When I pick up the leaves to test their livelihood, they break off like ash breaks away from a burnt stick.  Will my attempt at resuscitation work?  I guess we will see.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22: Inspiration is Crap

 My creative writing teacher in high school used to always say that inspiration was crap.  He doesn't doubt that we get ideas from different triggers, but to say that it all comes together through inspiration is crap.

For my creative thought class I had to pick an activity from a book we are reading.  I chose two.  One was about creating an inspiration board.  I liked the idea, but I wanted to make a book instead.  I've had the book for awhile, but I've never actually made anything of it.  There are times when I hear something or see something that leads to new ideas.  This will be my place to house those thoughts.

So far in the book I have a card I picked up in New Orleans that says "I am art therefore I am."  I still find my mind trying to comprehend the quotation, but I like it.  I also have a drawing of Kendra that I started awhile back.  I know it is not an exact likeness, but I like drawing and I'm not done with it.  Finally, I have a self-portrait.

The self-portrait is the second activity I did from the book.  The task was to draw yourself in 5 lines.  It forced me to consider what makes me, me.  Some may say I cheated with the lines, but I never picked up my pencil for a line.  I think my eyes are a defining feature, so I wanted to capture that.  My nose is a bit big, so it needed to be represented.  My lips are shut to resemble my contemplative nature.  I needed at least one strand of hair.  Earrings were a must as well because I would not be me without them.

I love this class because it is forcing me to think the way that I want to.  Normally I would not do these things because I would feel like I don't have time, but when it is a requirement, I must do it.  I am really hoping that when I finish grad school in March I will start to take classes on personal interests.  I really want to take an art class.  Interior design would be fun.  There are so many things to learn out there that I just want to try it all.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21: Wine Night

Today called for a wine night.  With some challenging news about the end of our lease and the timing for making decisions, I was glad to go out tonight and sip some soothing wine.  I love wine nights with friends.  It provides that time to forget the issues of reality even if it is only temporary. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20: Perceptions of Change

What an odd day.  Our school was buzzing with anxiety about changes.  I am excited about change when it is something that I have some control over.  My move was not bad compared to some of my colleagues, but I still hope for a greater change in the end.  

Fortunately we were able to go home early because of the snow.  Normally I don't mind staying at home on a Friday night, but it doesn't seem as fun when it isn't as much of a choice.  Today's photo shows the glimpse of color in a snowy landscape.

I decided I'd go through some old pictures to see if there were any I'd like to add to my official collection.  I haven't gone through many yet, but I found a few that seem to be more appealing to me now than they were when I took them.  I'm feeling weird and kind of off today, so it is nice to turn to something a little more distracting.  Here are a few that I've worked on this afternoon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19: Falling Houses

I came home from work tonight and found my boots laid out this way from last night.  I found it comical because it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.  It felt like someone dropped a house on me last night, but I don't think I'm a wicked witch (some people may disagree).

I enjoyed our conversation about sleep in my class last night.  The author of the book we are reading believes that we sleep to allow our dreams to process all of our thoughts and problem solve.  The dreams run through a variety of scenarios to determine the best solution.  I don't know if this is exactly right, but I do think there is some truth to it.  I cannot describe how many nights I go to bed anxious about a problem, and wake up feeling better about the issue.  I tend to get most of my problem solving ideas in the morning, shortly after waking up.  I love learning about how our minds work and trying to harness that understanding in a way to improve life experiences.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18: Wednesday Night

I left for class a little early tonight so that I could drive through downtown to get my picture.  It is a Wednesday night, so nothing special.  I saw a man getting his haircut and I wondered what others were doing on their Wednesday night.  I am sure many are at home watching TV or relaxing for the evening.  The weather does not invite people to come out, so I'm sure many spent the evening inside.  

I think sometimes we view weekdays as lesser days than weekends.  I know that I am guilty of this.  It is a school night and I can't go out and do anything.  I don't even like going to the grocery store on a weeknight.  I'd like to change this mentality and try to enjoy any day of the week.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17: It's Our Fault

I bought this shirt over the summer and I thought today would be the perfect day to wear it since we are learning about earthquakes.  New Madrid (not pronounced like the Spanish city) is a quaint little town in Southern Missouri.  We met a lovely lady there that went to school in the one room schoolhouse and worked at the school museum.  You could tell she took pride in her hometown and even showed us her report card which was protected under glass.  I love meeting people that are so open, friendly, and willing to share their story.  I bought an apron that she sewed to remember the visit.

We also visited the New Madrid Earthquake Museum while there.  Once again, we met a man that was passionate about his hometown and little museum.  I think it is interesting how people prefer different environments.  These people would not trade a large city for their small hometown.  Some people would prefer just the opposite.  I think the importance comes from making a place your own.  I hope to find a true hometown someday that I can take pride in like these people have.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16: Black and White

Today started out nicely with the sun shining and the birds singing.  It appears that they are confused because I saw a group of robins perched in a tree.  It is a big day when I see the first robin of the season, but I'm afraid they might be mistaken about the start of spring; the groundhog hasn't even made his prediction yet.

I took a stroll on the riverwalk in Naperville.  I found a heart someone made in the snow.  It seems people are walking all over it.  I think snowy pictures are viewed best in black and white.  Any color that does remain is dull and less dramatic.  

I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever.  I'd love to go outside and walk in a t-shirt and jeans and feel the sun warm my skin.  I want to see flowers emerging from buds on the trees and wake up to the song of birds.  I want to walk Kendra in the sunlit morning and see the sunlight after I come out of my grad school classes.  I hope the robins are right. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15: Dwell in Possibility

Today was a busy day, but I didn't find many opportunities to capture an image.  The ones I did capture are not very good, but show the topic for today.  One of my favorite things to do is frame.  Most of these were already up, but the Monet on the left and the Severini on the right are new.  They are both from the summer and have been rolled up on my shelf, waiting to be hung up.  

The next picture (sorry, horrible lighting, I know) shows four postcards I picked up in Madison about a year ago.  I thought the images were whimsical and the sayings motivational.  "Love who you are," "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," "Dwell in possibility," and "Make a wish" are all sayings that can now give me a daily reminder.  I especially like "dwell in possibility."  I think I may take this saying to an extreme.  I must remember to go beyond dwelling and make it more than just a possibility, but a reality.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14: A Day Back Home

I enjoyed this frigid day antiquing with my mom.  I love buying things that have a story.  It may be a story I am unaware of because it belonged to a previous owner, or one I create because I purchase it somewhere unique.  I know that I should not take too much value in material things, but there are memories attached to my possessions.  This is why there is a little bit of a hoarder in me.  When I look at my side table or my DVD cabinet, or any other item I bought at a special location, I think of who I was with and the enjoyment that I had finding these prized pieces.  I guess I'm cursed with a little bit of nostalgia.  

Today is a two-parter.  I also took a picture of the Egyptian Theatre because Gaelic Storm is coming.  They are the group that plays in the movie Titanic on the lower level.  I met them a few years ago when they came to O'Leary's after a show.  I don't remember much about them because they showed up towards the end of the evening and I was past my prime, but seeing the sign brought back some memories.  I wonder if they were disappointed to find that O'Leary's was not a very Irish Pub.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13: The Human Influence

I kind of feel like I am cheating when I take a picture of someone else's artwork, but I suppose this is a blog about me which includes my interests. I picked up this print when I was in Venice at Peggy Guggenheim's Collection.  I was so excited to see that I could get it in print form.  It is called "Sea Dancer" by Severini.  It now rests framed next to my bed so that I can see it daily.  I saw this piece and fell in love with it.  I may be simple for thinking this, but the colors pulse positivity and the shapes elude to new visions. 

This was the first time I had heard of Severini, but have fallen in love with his work since then.  When I was in Paris this past summer we went to the Musee de L'Orangerie which features Monet's work.  After viewing the lilies, I was ecstatic to see that they had a special exhibition on Severini.  It is so interesting to see a collection of an artist's work because you can view their growth and a reflection of their lives.  Severini was strongly influenced by his peers.  If I remember right, he was strongly associating with one man, but then he passed, so he found himself in new company.  It was this new influence that developed his style that he is known for.

I think the people we surround ourselves with have such an influence on our lives.  I wonder how the people I have met and will meet will impact my life.  I hope that I have created a positive impact on others' lives.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12: Snowy Day

Well, it finally came.  This winter has been pretty clean so far, but it couldn't last forever.  I always forget what a hassle snow is.  I focused carefully on my drive home and now I'm staying.  I suppose the benefit of snow is that I can use it as an excuse to stay in for the night.  


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11: I Made It

It is way past my bedtime.  I love my creative thought class, but this late night thinking is not my style.  I reach this point and can't shut my mind off.  I have been feeling so beat this week.  When I say beat, I mean literal.  When I get into my car to leave the school, the first sensation I feel is an ache.  It takes over.  It is as though my students have been punching me throughout the day.  I think sometimes exhaustion can take a physical form. 

This picture was taken on my drive home.  I enjoyed the thought of being able to go home, take a shower, put on some pjs, and lay my achy body down.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: Eau de Lovely

Stargazer lilies are one of my favorite flowers.  The scent that permeates its habitat is pleasant for the sniffer.  I began buying these flowers after I returned from Venice.  I feel as though a lot of these pictures have had some connection to Venice, perhaps I should consider returning to the place that has left such an imprint on my everyday life.  

When we were in Venice, my aunt Linda and my adopted aunt Janey and I would go to a bar/restaurant just down from our apartment.  As we walked in to the bar, the scent of fresh tulips filled the air.  I  loved this bar for its atmosphere, proximity, and service.  I think I buy these flowers to trigger my sensory memory and try to go back for my Campari, Bellini, or Limoncello. 

Unfortunately my flowers are dying and only a couple blossoms remain.  I thought I'd capture the moment with another sense today, since I have yet to figure out how to attach a scent to my blog.  My advice is to stop by the florist area at your local grocery store for a whiff of my Venice.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9: No Case of the Mondays Here

Waking up to a nightmare about a previous job helped put a little skip in my step with going to work today.  The lesson plan called for an edible lab day, and although they are hectic, I find them very fun.  I'm sure I walked close to 7 miles today, which may indicate to you the purpose of my photo.

After running around all day, I continued my pace as I hurried to grab a bite to eat at home and rush to the grocery store before rushing to class.

Class was let out considerably early, and now I've got my feet up as I let my mind wind down.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8: Lazy Sunday

The goal last night was to complete all of my work so that I could have fun today.  Like many ideas I have, it didn't quite work as planned.  I completed several items from my to-do list, but was stuck on one item.  

It seems that work cannot be forced if there is not a time crunch.  There is something about being under pressure that forces the mind to think directly.  Last night I was working on a graphic organizer and powerpoint for earthquakes.  Seems like a simple task, but I was having a hard time because I kept trying to incorporate information from previous years.  I finally gave up and decided that I must complete it tomorrow.

Once I sat down at the computer today, I started from scratch.  I thought about what the kids should know about earthquakes and what they may want to learn.  Somehow creating the products were much easier.  I'm still tweaking, but at least the structure is there.

In the image above you see my espresso maker that I bought in Venice.  There is a little bit more of a chill in the air today, so I thought a coconut mocha espresso would be the perfect afternoon remedy.  The warmth from my concoction and seeing an artifact from Venice made for a nice afternoon.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7: Out and About

I woke up to sun peaking through my blinds, so I knew I must go explore.  I wanted to be outside, and Oak Brook Mall was the answer.  I was not planning on purchasing anything, but some lovely blue and orange dishes (that were on sale) called on me.  

One of the highlights of my day was lunch with my dad.  We went to Uncle Julio's Hacienda.  I love going to new restaurants because there is so much mystery about the dishes that are about to be served.  We found that the mystery was quite enjoyable.  We both got combination dishes and shared.  My dad got frog legs with chicken and steak fajitas while I got mesquite grilled ribs with chicken and steak fajitas.  The frog legs were sooooo flavorful.  They came with a Mexican butter which was tasty enough to be consumed by drinking.  The pork was smoky and came with a nice chipotle barbeque.  Of course my margarita accented the meal well.  The picture you see above shows a mural on the outside of the restaurant.

I also enjoyed a nice walk by the river with Kendra.  It is still chilly outside, but the sun makes it seem bearable.

The night is ending with work, so that I can enjoy tomorrow.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6: Is it January?

I had a hard time just selecting one image for today, so you get three.  The calendar says January, but the temperatures flirt with spring.  With the thermostat going above 50, I found the need to be outside.  I escaped the building for lunch just to absorb some vitamin D and see some daylight.  Even though I just went to fill up my car and sit in it to eat lunch, it was much needed.  I also enjoyed a lovely walk with Kendra when I got home.  The photos  show my observations.

I like the first one because the altocumulus clouds (I'm guessing) have a guest.  If you look carefully you will see an airplane.  Knowing there are people going above me is always an exciting thought, because sometimes that person is me.  The second photo is just in front of my mailbox.  I like how you can see the sunlight hitting the branches.  The final one juxtaposes the deadness of winter with the liveliness of the sky. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: Flow

The idea of flow comes from a text I am reading for a graduate class.  The author's name is pronounced chicks-send-me-high.  His name is interesting, but the content he writes about is even more interesting.  

We have all experienced flow.  It is  when you have lost track of time, when you have become completely devoted to whatever it is that catches your attention.  

Last night in class we were asked what has ignited that feeling in us before.  I had a hard time thinking of what did it.  At first, the only thing I could think of is when I get one of my "I'm going to try this" ideas.  I've always felt such engagement in a new idea that captivates me and requires that I delve into research and learn more.  Most recent ideas include: "I want to be a photographer," "I want to be a travel writer," "I want to move to Indianapolis," and planning for a trip.  I think I find most excitement in the idea of something else, which I know is not good, but it possesses me.  I'm not saying that these interests are not valid, but I need to be aware of the lure of potential.

In this picture you see some solid items that have given me the moment of flow.  I'll explain below.  On a side note, I wonder how many times Kendra is going to sneak into these photos throughout the year.

Poster: I love searching for posters and using them as art.  I also really enjoy that moment when I get to frame a poster and hang it up.
Harry Potter: These books were some of the first that showed me how engaging a book could be.  When I was younger, I didn't really enjoy reading, but these books showed me the value.
Venice DVD: I LOVE watching our video recordings of travel.  There is something about drinking a glass of wine and reminiscing about fun times.
Camera: This is not my good camera, but it represents the same idea.  Photography definitely holds happiness for me.  The entire process is exciting, which brings me to my next point.
Epson Cartridge: I really enjoy printing my photos and seeing what I have captured on a tangible piece of paper.  Of course I love framing them too.
Sand: There is just something about walking in sand on a beach by the ocean.
A Moveable Feast: Reading this book while is Paris really brought the descriptions to reality.
Venice Map: Venice has been one of my all time favorite trips.  I never used this map, but it still makes me think about the navigation around the city through landmarks.
Greenery: I easily lose time while working with plants, especially when I get a fun potting idea.
Kendra: Our walks force me to take time everyday to look up.  I saw one of the clearest skies the other night; Orion was stunning.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: Back in Action

Going back to work today was not as painful as I thought.  The kids were in a great mood even though they were not ecstatic about the return.  In this picture here you see my gorilla.  She had a name, but I don't remember what it is now.  I bought her before I started teaching and I knew that my classroom would be the perfect home for her.  Unfortunately, she has been through some rough times.  Her sight is not quite the same and her necklace is a bit disheveled.  I have also gone through some struggles in the classroom.  Luckily I have not lost an eye, but the number of my gray hairs has increased.  She's been there with me since the beginning, so we come together again for this new year.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3: The Day Before

Today holds a sense of anxiety and anticipation.  Going back to work tomorrow means that I must return to reality, but it also means that I can begin to move forward with plans.  Something I like to do to help calm my nerves is go grocery shopping.  There are only two places that release that sense of ease: Caputo's and Whole Foods.  Today I visited Caputo's.  There is something about wandering through aisles of food that grabs my complete attention and forces out unwelcome thoughts.  According to a book I am reading, attention is what shapes our lives.  I am hoping to improve the focus of my attention to positive experiences; perhaps the wine aisle.