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Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6: Is it January?

I had a hard time just selecting one image for today, so you get three.  The calendar says January, but the temperatures flirt with spring.  With the thermostat going above 50, I found the need to be outside.  I escaped the building for lunch just to absorb some vitamin D and see some daylight.  Even though I just went to fill up my car and sit in it to eat lunch, it was much needed.  I also enjoyed a lovely walk with Kendra when I got home.  The photos  show my observations.

I like the first one because the altocumulus clouds (I'm guessing) have a guest.  If you look carefully you will see an airplane.  Knowing there are people going above me is always an exciting thought, because sometimes that person is me.  The second photo is just in front of my mailbox.  I like how you can see the sunlight hitting the branches.  The final one juxtaposes the deadness of winter with the liveliness of the sky. 

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