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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14: A Day Back Home

I enjoyed this frigid day antiquing with my mom.  I love buying things that have a story.  It may be a story I am unaware of because it belonged to a previous owner, or one I create because I purchase it somewhere unique.  I know that I should not take too much value in material things, but there are memories attached to my possessions.  This is why there is a little bit of a hoarder in me.  When I look at my side table or my DVD cabinet, or any other item I bought at a special location, I think of who I was with and the enjoyment that I had finding these prized pieces.  I guess I'm cursed with a little bit of nostalgia.  

Today is a two-parter.  I also took a picture of the Egyptian Theatre because Gaelic Storm is coming.  They are the group that plays in the movie Titanic on the lower level.  I met them a few years ago when they came to O'Leary's after a show.  I don't remember much about them because they showed up towards the end of the evening and I was past my prime, but seeing the sign brought back some memories.  I wonder if they were disappointed to find that O'Leary's was not a very Irish Pub.

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