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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22: Inspiration is Crap

 My creative writing teacher in high school used to always say that inspiration was crap.  He doesn't doubt that we get ideas from different triggers, but to say that it all comes together through inspiration is crap.

For my creative thought class I had to pick an activity from a book we are reading.  I chose two.  One was about creating an inspiration board.  I liked the idea, but I wanted to make a book instead.  I've had the book for awhile, but I've never actually made anything of it.  There are times when I hear something or see something that leads to new ideas.  This will be my place to house those thoughts.

So far in the book I have a card I picked up in New Orleans that says "I am art therefore I am."  I still find my mind trying to comprehend the quotation, but I like it.  I also have a drawing of Kendra that I started awhile back.  I know it is not an exact likeness, but I like drawing and I'm not done with it.  Finally, I have a self-portrait.

The self-portrait is the second activity I did from the book.  The task was to draw yourself in 5 lines.  It forced me to consider what makes me, me.  Some may say I cheated with the lines, but I never picked up my pencil for a line.  I think my eyes are a defining feature, so I wanted to capture that.  My nose is a bit big, so it needed to be represented.  My lips are shut to resemble my contemplative nature.  I needed at least one strand of hair.  Earrings were a must as well because I would not be me without them.

I love this class because it is forcing me to think the way that I want to.  Normally I would not do these things because I would feel like I don't have time, but when it is a requirement, I must do it.  I am really hoping that when I finish grad school in March I will start to take classes on personal interests.  I really want to take an art class.  Interior design would be fun.  There are so many things to learn out there that I just want to try it all.

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