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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24: Silence is Golden

As I was walking Kendra tonight, a calm silence filled the chilly air.  I began to think about losing my hearing.  If I had to choose which sense to lose, it would be hearing.  If I lost my ability to see I would be most devastated.  Observation and viewing the world around me is one of the most satisfying sensations.  If I lost my ability to taste, that would just be so bad.  The sense of smell goes with that, so I don't want to lose that.  If I lost the ability to feel, it would probably mean that I am paralyzed which is definitely not a state I'd like to be in.

I don't like snow, but there is a lack of noise that is so pleasant when it is snowing.  There is so much noise that I wish I couldn't hear.  I feel like most issues are generated  from words.  I heard so many things today that I wish I didn't.  Life may be a little simpler if communication was limited.

But in the end I am so fortunate to have functioning senses.  I never wish to lose any of them, it was just one of those "what if" situations that runs through my mind as I wander with my pup.

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  1. I like the featured earring :)

    I too sometimes think about losing senses or abilities -- and how when it happens usually other senses become stronger as they are relied upon more heavily. It would be something very scary to have to learn the world we know over again in a different and limiting way. I'm with you, to have the lens put over our natural built in camera would be most devastating. Thanks for making me reflect on yet another thing to be grateful for.