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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23: The Importance of Water

I don't like the days where I am searching for something to photograph.  I had several great moments today, but none that would naturally cause me to bring out my camera and capture it.  I got to interview a creative person and sneak into the mind of someone that thinks about things in ways that I wish I could.  I had a good day overall with the students, which should never be overlooked.  But no pictures came out of these situations.

Instead I take a picture of something not so good.  One of my favorite plants is dying.  My watering neglect has caused my Baby's Tears to dry up.  I got this plant while in Indianapolis at the Museum of Art.  I loved a certain pot of this plant, but the one I picked out was not for sale, so they dug up some for me and gave it to me for free.  Who does that?   It is my little living piece from Indy.  Luckily I split the plant into two teapots, so I still have some surviving, but this one has progressed the most.  I've added water and now all I can do is wait.  When I pick up the leaves to test their livelihood, they break off like ash breaks away from a burnt stick.  Will my attempt at resuscitation work?  I guess we will see.

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