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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8: Lazy Sunday

The goal last night was to complete all of my work so that I could have fun today.  Like many ideas I have, it didn't quite work as planned.  I completed several items from my to-do list, but was stuck on one item.  

It seems that work cannot be forced if there is not a time crunch.  There is something about being under pressure that forces the mind to think directly.  Last night I was working on a graphic organizer and powerpoint for earthquakes.  Seems like a simple task, but I was having a hard time because I kept trying to incorporate information from previous years.  I finally gave up and decided that I must complete it tomorrow.

Once I sat down at the computer today, I started from scratch.  I thought about what the kids should know about earthquakes and what they may want to learn.  Somehow creating the products were much easier.  I'm still tweaking, but at least the structure is there.

In the image above you see my espresso maker that I bought in Venice.  There is a little bit more of a chill in the air today, so I thought a coconut mocha espresso would be the perfect afternoon remedy.  The warmth from my concoction and seeing an artifact from Venice made for a nice afternoon.

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