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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7: Out and About

I woke up to sun peaking through my blinds, so I knew I must go explore.  I wanted to be outside, and Oak Brook Mall was the answer.  I was not planning on purchasing anything, but some lovely blue and orange dishes (that were on sale) called on me.  

One of the highlights of my day was lunch with my dad.  We went to Uncle Julio's Hacienda.  I love going to new restaurants because there is so much mystery about the dishes that are about to be served.  We found that the mystery was quite enjoyable.  We both got combination dishes and shared.  My dad got frog legs with chicken and steak fajitas while I got mesquite grilled ribs with chicken and steak fajitas.  The frog legs were sooooo flavorful.  They came with a Mexican butter which was tasty enough to be consumed by drinking.  The pork was smoky and came with a nice chipotle barbeque.  Of course my margarita accented the meal well.  The picture you see above shows a mural on the outside of the restaurant.

I also enjoyed a nice walk by the river with Kendra.  It is still chilly outside, but the sun makes it seem bearable.

The night is ending with work, so that I can enjoy tomorrow.

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