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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29: Perspective

I've always thought that perspective is an interesting concept.  There are so many ways to see the world and it would be sad to only view it from your own thought process.  

In my creative thought class our text instructed us to draw something upside down as an effort to observe more of what is being viewed.  I decided to take one of my favorite drawings and give it a try.  Testa di Giovinetta hung on my wall in Venice, so I decided to bring that element of the room home with me.  I thought she would be a perfect image to replicate.  The lesson taught me that I am no da Vinci.

My lady looks nothing like the original, but I have to admit I almost like her.  She looks very at peace.  Her lips are all kinds of wrong, but I think her hair and eyes are a bit telling.  One of my to-do list items this summer is to take an art class.  I am not planning on giving up any of my other interests, but just picking up another one.  I like to draw and would like to improve.  

I think I will probably be doing quite a bit of sewing this summer too.  Going to Provence will allow me to stock up on fabric for projects later on.  There are just so many enjoyable things to do out there, and I want to try them all.

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