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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20: Perceptions of Change

What an odd day.  Our school was buzzing with anxiety about changes.  I am excited about change when it is something that I have some control over.  My move was not bad compared to some of my colleagues, but I still hope for a greater change in the end.  

Fortunately we were able to go home early because of the snow.  Normally I don't mind staying at home on a Friday night, but it doesn't seem as fun when it isn't as much of a choice.  Today's photo shows the glimpse of color in a snowy landscape.

I decided I'd go through some old pictures to see if there were any I'd like to add to my official collection.  I haven't gone through many yet, but I found a few that seem to be more appealing to me now than they were when I took them.  I'm feeling weird and kind of off today, so it is nice to turn to something a little more distracting.  Here are a few that I've worked on this afternoon.

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