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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 243: Decisions, Decisions

The morning started off rough, which is usually an indicator for the rest of the day, but luckily the world was on my side today.  I had a meeting this morning which was fine.  Coming back to school provided a warm welcome.  I think as the afternoon went on, my head got bigger and bigger.  The kids were awesome with the sub which was fantastic.  Then, the principal saw us in the hallway on our way back from recess and congratulated us on being so well behaved.  As the kids walked by, he gave them each a high five.  As I approached him, he shook my hand and told me that the superintendent had nothing but great things to say about me and told me I was doing a great job.  Since starting at this new school, I have felt that things are going pretty well, but to be recognized for it is awesome.  I think things are off to a pretty good start.

Today I also focused on one of my "perfect me" items.  I haven't completed my list yet, but I know that I want to be multilingual.  I moved forward one more step to this goal tonight by purchasing Rosetta Stone.  My dad and I are going to split the cost and share the Spanish version so we can both learn.  It was hard to decide which language to select.  I really want to be fluent in Italian and French.  I am most educated in Spanish and it would be the most practical, but maybe not my number one interest.  I decided I would begin with Spanish because I think it will take the shortest time to master, and I will have plenty of opportunities to practice.  Then I can move onto a language of choice after I complete Spanish.  I am always amazed at how multilingual Europeans are, and I want to be the same way.  So here we go!

My picture shows a little reflection at night.

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