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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 228: Nervous

The jitters are setting in.  I think I could teach for 40 years and I would still get the jitters for going back to school.  This year feels just as bad (if not worse) than my first year of teaching.  There are just so many little things to remember that I didn't have to worry about in middle school.  I am so excited to meet the kids though.  It is funny that I don't get nervous about them, it is more of an anxiety that I will do everything I should do.  It is also about how I come across to the kids.  In today's picture you can see my eyes.  I took this picture to make a model of a project the students are going to do (The Best Part of Me). Tonight I am frantically trying to create plans b, c, and d, in case I'm not happy with plan a.  I just want to have many options so that it all goes according to plan.  I doubt that sleep will find me tonight.

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