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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 225: FUN

I don't think my blog has ever been so full of pictures of me, but I think it accurately reflects the day, so here they are.  My dad came over today to help me with some things and go to the French Connection Day at Cantigny.  One of the things I needed help with was pictures of myself for my Reece Reviews Reading Corner.  I think it might be my cutest idea.  I review a new book each month and I award it based on Reese's Pieces.  Students can recommend books for me to review, so they are involved as well.  My review provides information about the book such as what is awesome about it and what to be aware of.  I thought it would be fun to have some pictures of myself around this board.  I also want to have a display outside my room that features what Reece is Reading.  Of course I have silly little captions to go with these pictures (like "Reading is a workout for your brain").  I think it is going to be a pretty awesome year.  I feel like teaching elementary allows all goofiness to come out.  Watch out 5th graders!

The other highlight of my day includes my visit to Cantigny for their French Connection Day.  McCormmick fought in the First Division which was apart of the battle at Cantigny during World War I.  They keep the ties to this part of his life with a celebration of France.  The festivities included French food, wine, goods, and a fun size Eiffel Tower.  It looked bigger when I saw it in July.  As a funny remark, at first I capitalized food and wine like it was a proper noun.  I suppose it should be based on the importance in my book.  

I also hired a private tour guide for the First Division Museum.  As we walked through, my dad pointed out the names of the tanks and other equipment which is pretty foreign to me.  He did fill me on some pretty neat tidbits.  For example, some of the gas masks required urination in order to work.  Can you smell the ammonia?

After Cantigny we went to a Japanese Steakhouse (how French is that?).  It was pretty awesome.  I love hibachi. 
Now I'm working on preparing for Day 1 of elementary teaching.  The countdown is on at T-2 days.  Yikes.

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