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Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 216: Classroom Update

So I went into my classroom again today to work.  I met with Kelli to do some planning for the first two days.  Things are really coming along.  I am so happy that I feel so welcomed and the energy is really positive in this school.  People have been stopping down at my room to say hi and compliment my curtains (which I will probably have to take down).  I think I am one big fire hazard.  It is so nice to feel comfortable in this new environment.  It is one less thing to worry about when it comes to teaching.  I came across a quotation the other day that I really liked.  It said that "Worry is a misuse of the imagination." (Dan Zadra)  How true.  I need to stop misusing it so much.

Later in the evening I joined up with Ashley for some drinks with her past principal's celebration of earning his doctorate.  Incidentally, I know him from an interview with another district in which I didn't get the position.  It wasn't awkward, which is nice.  Later we went to downtown Naperville to enjoy the evening outdoors.  

In today's pictures you see Gina which has been with me since the beginning of teaching.  I think you can tell by looking at her that we have had our good and bad days.  She now knows to wear safety goggles in the science classroom after her tragic eye loss.  The second shows a bulletin board that is going to be awesome.  I won't give away the details now, but be prepared to be amazed.  The third is something I'm really excited about.  I am going to attach strings and pins to the places that I have been to and they are going to come out from the map to show pictures.  All of my students will be able to bring in pictures so we can show what we have seen. 

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