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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 215: The Good and the Bad

I went into my classroom today and worked on setting up some more.  The ideas are really starting to flow now.  I just have to print off about a million things and I'll be ready to put up some more.

That was the good, unfortunately there is bad too.  I was on my laptop earlier when I seemed to have downloaded a virus.  There is this software that says it is antivirus, but I am pretty sure it is a phony.  It is blocking me from doing anything.  Now I have to take it in :(.  I have some files I don't want to lose, but mostly I don't want to spend money on repairing it or buying a new laptop.  Hopefully they can fix it.  It is kind of sad how dependent we are on our technology.  We save so many memories and important files.  We access our lives on the internet.  As soon as this happened today, I tore apart my apartment to find my hard drive so I could back up my photos on my desktop.  If I ever lost my photos, I may not recover.  It would be like losing a family member.  On a side note, did you ever notice that the word apart is in apartment?  I just did.  I guess that explains a lot.

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