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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 221: Reading List

 Another day at school and I feel I need about 15 more of them before I am truly ready.  I did have a little fire put under my seat today when I realized students would be coming in tomorrow to drop off supplies.  Say what!  My room is in no condition for viewing (at least it wasn't).  Now I'm debating whether or not I want to go in because I doubt I'll get much word done with families there.  It could be a good opportunity to meet my new crew though.  The first picture shows my current reading list.  Of course there has to be at least one travel book.

The second picture shows some more framing I have done.  Why do I love framing so much?  There is something in creating something that looks more visually appealing.  The newest are the Van Goghs on the right.  

My moment today that I'd like to expound on a little bit lasted about 37 seconds.  I was walking out of school when the coca cola man looked at me and asked if I was excited about school.  Of course I said yes, and talked about getting ready.  He simply said he dreads going to his job each morning.  I said that is too bad and we parted our separate ways.  I think little moments like this are so odd because he revealed a deep personal piece of information and he knew me less than a minute.  It makes me wonder why he doesn't make a change.  What is so bad about it? 

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