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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 229: First Day of School

Busy is probably the best word used to describe today.  I woke up just about every hour last night, thinking about school.  At one point I was freaking out because I remembered I didn't have a projector screen and I didn't check my projector, so I didn't even know if it worked.  Then as I laid there I remembered everything else that I needed to do to be ready.  Normally I wake up in the morning feeling better about things, but I don't think I got enough sleep to feel this way.

Things got a little crazier once I got to work.  Severe weather was on they way, so our original plan was shot.  We had to have an emergency meeting to figure out how we were going to get students in.  Once we did that, it was a short time till they arrived.  Overall I think the day went well.  The only minor catastrophe was that we forgot to pick up our lunch bin, so they had to run down to get their lunch bags at the end of the day.  Otherwise I felt like things went pretty smooth.  Nobody cried, so that is always good.

I was ready to come home and crash.  I took a shower and chilled the rest of the night.  Those kiddos wore me out.

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