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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 232: A Familiar Feeling

I forgot what Sundays were like when you are working.  They are basically another day added onto the work week.  The anxiety starts to set in...  Am I ready for tomorrow?  Did I set my alarm?  What am I going to have for lunch next week?  What happened to my weekend?  Ahhh, yes.  It is now 6:47 and I can say that I have answers for all of those questions.  I can now sit here after my filling dinner and watch "Adventures in Babysitting" without any worries (at least for now).

It is a strange thing.  I'm pretty sure I have the right career, but I suppose I'll always want my time to be free and my own.  I hear of people who wake up each morning, excited to go to their job.  I don't know if I'll ever feel as excited about work as I do about other things I love.  I'm sure that is natural, but it seems teachers are superhuman sometimes.  Do you know those people I am talking about?  The ones that live and breathe their work?  Well, I can admit that work does force me to appreciate free time and home more.

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