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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 220: Thoughts and Random Pictures

Today's reflection revolves around a quotation I just found.  "I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world." — Mary Anne Radmacher

I am in love with the message in these words.  It is an interesting thing because as I read it I feel I know exactly what it means (at least to me), but to try to describe the meaning seems more challenging.  It is as though my mind has a greater vocabulary than the English I can share here in the blog.  I suppose it is similar to some languages trying to translate into other languages; there just aren't words for everything.  If I were to do a two minute free write on this quote, it would look like this:

moon is the same on both sides of the world, but perspective is different, grass greener on other side, change, eyes truly open, moving scenes, place=time, surroundings, environment, moments in Venice, notice life in new ways, observant in free thought of travel, distractors removed when you are removed from that setting, absorb, reflect, take in life, apply

Today's pictures really don't relate to these thoughts, but they do relate to the fun I had today.  Today was pool day, the final one of the year.  After soaking up some sun, Crystal and I enjoyed some more wine and the movie: P.S. I Love You.  We were being silly and took some pictures.  The first shows a picture Crystal brought (after a year) of me with one of my favorite cover band members.  The second shows our sunny faces.  The final shows me trying to hide my Rudolf nose.  

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