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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 241: A New Routine

More ideas approached me this morning that may increase my productivity.  You see, I wake up around 5 and then I get on the computer for a little bit and drink some water to hydrate.  Then I clean my face, brush my teeth, put on my makeup and straighten my hair.  If I picked out my outfit the night before, the next task goes much smoother.  I then walk Kendra and think about breakfast.  Normally at this time, I am getting anxious to start working and feel that I have no time for breakfast.  

Today I tried a new approach.  I hit the snooze button an extra time (4 hits if you are keeping track).  Then I started getting ready right away.  I just don't feel ready for breakfast when I first wake up.  I then walked Kendra and came back to fix my sustenance.  While enjoying my fruit, yogurt, and protein, I browsed the internet and did a little work.  How productive, and I got to sleep in for 10 more minutes!  I am hoping this is the key to a more rational morning.  We will see how tomorrow morning goes.

Then, I came home tonight and I was even more productive.  Sub plans, grading, planning, and more all happened in a reasonable amount of time tonight.  How did I make it more enjoyable?  I listened to an audio book while working.  Several of my tasks were mindless, but necessary.  These mindless tasks are easily distracted by books.  I am finding myself really immersing myself in reading right now as an escape.  I finished one tonight, now it is on to the next.

It is the little tricks in life that prove to be mood changing.

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