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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59: Epic Fail?

Tonight I worked on my creative thought project.  I started it over a week ago, but the time crunch produced more work tonight.  The idea was that I would create an impressionist-like mosaic.  I used a photograph I took as the basis for the image and then other photographs I took as the pieces to make up the image.  In the first picture, you see the cutouts I made.
This next photograph shows the image I took while in Oregon.  We were staying along the coast, and this sunset was beckoning my camera.  This was taken back in 2009 while on a road trip to the west.  It was an Earth Science road trip that involved sights representing many of the topics I teach.

This next image shows my sketch drawing.  I originally started with a larger drawing, but after I started cutting out the shapes, I realized my goals were too ambitious, so I scaled down my drawing.  I also eliminated some of the people from the silhouettes.  I thought a single person would represent a stronger image.
The process begins.  It took me about an hour to cut out these pieces for the first row.  I considered using a hole punch for consistent circles, but I felt that uniformity was not my goal, so I cut out each piece.  My hand hurt as I repetitiously cut out the shapes.

After cutting out the first pieces last week, I thought I'd try using an exacto knife.  Theory did not prove well with practice, so I continued with the scissors.  At this point I could see my thoughts beginning to materialize, and it did not appear to be as great as I had envisioned.  Normally, at this point I would stop the project and move onto something else.  In this case, I had to persevere and I found myself getting back into a rhythm.  

Listening to music while I worked helped me regain the motivation I needed to continue.  The music ranged from Three Days Grace to Micheal Jackson, but the variety seemed appropriate.  As I continued to cut out more pieces, I realized that it was strange that I was cutting apart my photographs.  I really like the images that I take and to disfigure them seemed odd.  I found comfort in knowing that I would be creating something new with my images.

You will have to wait to see the final product until next week.  Until then, we will see if the product turns out how I imagined.  Below you will see photographs that I used to make up the larger image.

Steele Studio in Indiana

Grand Canyon

Fall Foliage

Pumpkin Army

Monk Tourist at Notre Dame

Man at Giverny
Heavy Thoughts at Notre Dame

Entertainer at Au Lapin Agile

San Marco Campanile

Moulin Rouge

Stairs Up to Notre Dame Gargoyles


Kew Gardens Flowers

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