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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 54: Visual Cues

Today is a Kendra picture day, but I thought I'd get a different angle.  Happiness can often be seen without any words necessary.  In fact, there is a distinct look to those that are happy; it cannot be hidden. 

Kendra has several ways to show her emotions, but her tail is a clear sign of her mood.  Tonight you can tell that she is upbeat.  When she is not feeling well, her tail hangs low and does not resemble the tight curl that is known with pugs.  Although humans don't have tails, I think the signs are just as easily visible.

On a side note, it is strange how I got on this topic.  I find myself discussing topics that were not planned.  I guess that is the fun of just letting the thoughts spill out on the keyboard with the picture being the centerpiece.

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