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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49: Feeling Full

I wasn't feeling well enough to go to Decatur for the whole weekend, but at least I got my fill with family time for the day.  My dad, Kendra, and I started out at 6 am so that we could spend the day with visiting family.  I will write more about this tomorrow when I am rested from my day trip

It is a now a day later and my mind is much fresher for sharing the events.  I had a great day spending time with my grandmother, aunts, uncle, and oh yeah, my parents.  Many projects were taking place in the McMullen household on Saturday.  For awhile we worked on sewing the quilt that will go in the blue room.  I really miss sewing.  In high school I used to have my clothing class at the end of the day and it was the best way to end it because I was sewing with friends and collecting my thoughts from the day.  I cannot wait to buy fabrics in Provence so that I can begin a project.  I don't know how I will get everything home from my trip, but I have a feeling creativity will be needed to determine how to get it back.

After sewing for a little while, it was lunch time.  We sat around and had great conversations about me becoming a flight attendant and my aunt Lori coming to visit me.  There was one scene I wish I would have taken a picture of, but I didn't.  My aunt Linda shared a little bit of her Blue Moon with my grandmother.  At one moment I glanced over and I saw her sitting with one arm crossed and holding up the other arm that had the hand that was holding the beer.  She looked out the window in what appeared to be deep thought.  
When we returned home from lunch I pulled out my mat cutter and custom cut two mats for pictures to be framed in the old computer room.  I love cutting mats.  I know I am weird. 

Later in the afternoon my dad, aunt Lori, and I sat down to try to create a tentative schedule for our trip.  We took a directional approach and based the days around when the markets would be open.  This trip is going to be so different than any trip I've been on and I cannot wait.  We will be cruising along the Provencal roads in search of antiques, food, wine, history (maybe Mary Magdalene?), scenery, ruins, and whatever else comes our way.  Be ready for an explosion of pictures when I return.  If I could be in a constant state of planning for a trip, I think that I would be happy.

The night ended with a lovely dinner of Parmesan Chicken, story-telling, and laughter.  Many conversations broke out, but unfortunately it was time to begin the journey back home.  Sometimes I feel too lucky to be given all of this love in my life.  I know so many that do not have experiences like this and I always wonder how I deserve the family I was dealt. 

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  1. Thanks for capturing the day so beautifully with your words and pix. It was so good to see you even if you weren't feeling 100%. Thank your dad for me for the all those long hours of driving. I agree with you, half of the fun of traveling is planning and dreaming of far off places.