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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36: Adventures While Walking

I love to go for walks.  When I say a walk, I probably mean more of a stroll by others' standards.  I don't walk to rush or simply for the purpose of exercise (even though it does provide some).  The best walks include a warm day, my camera, and sounds all around (whether it is nature or the city).  I think that what some people get from meditation, I get from a walk.  I can't say that my mind is cleared, but I do feel that it is focused.  There is a control that I have over my thoughts and what I choose to pay attention to.  This is a liberating activity.

Today, Kendra and I decided to enjoy the sunny skies and go for a walk down by the river.  There is this florist/greenhouse for sale, and I think the lot is full of stories.  The store is still stocked, and the outside area is still decorated with lawn ornaments.  I LOVE lawn ornaments.  I can't wait to have my own garden.

I am looking forward to many meaningful walks while I'm in Provence.  I can't wait to explore the markets, side streets, and hill towns of Southern France.  I have a feeling that I will not want to return home from this trip.  I also cannot wait to experience one night in Paris by myself.  I can make a detailed plan, or I can just go with whatever eggs me on.  I think Paris is one of the most walkable cities.  How can one not enjoy a city that has beauty everywhere?  What a way to end my trip...

I also hope that with my move (fingers crossed) that I will find myself constantly exploring the city and areas around.  There are many places to walk in Indy (Art Museum, Monan Trail, etc.).  I look forward to summer evenings and strolling the town. 

I have such a sense of excitement and hope coming over me today.  I think my mood definitely reflects the weather.  I thought for sure I would wake up with a fever and taken over by a cold, but somehow I still have not succumbed to the evil fate.  I have such a busy week with meetings, classes, my evaluation, and a conference in Chicago. I've got plans for my afternoon in Chicago after the conference, and I am hoping that illness does not hold me back.  How often do I get to go into Chicago, especially on a Tuesday?

Well, tonight is the superbowl, but I could care less about the teams.  I am watching to get a glimpse of Indy during an exciting time for the city.  I wish I could have gone down yesterday to check out Superbowl village.  But then again, I want to go down every day.

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