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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43: Productivity

I feel like I accomplished something today, and that is always a great feat.  I can officially say that my portfolio is completed.  Finishing this grad school program will really open up time in my life again.  I feel like it has been a very good experience at North Central and I have met some great people.  It hasn't been all great, but I do feel like I have learned a lot.  But now that it is coming to a close, I can focus more on my interests and just continue to develop who I want to be.  Four more weeks and I am free!
For my creative thought class I had to draw an analog of a problem.  So basically I could not use symbols or words.  The image is what I drew.  I picked a problem, and just let my mind visualize it.  Afterwards I had to try to "tag" my drawing with vocabulary.  Can you guess what my drawing says?  If not, here was my response: I am currently living in a town where I feel small and alone.  There are many things that surround me that make me feel limited; mostly myself and my own doubts.  The x lines represent negativity.  They are approaching me, but there is still a line that separates me from them.  I am standing far from the path I need to take, but I can see it.  It is definitely not easy and I may wind around and make it back to where I was at times.  I also have to watch out for the doubt and upsets along the way.  When I reach my goal, I see simplicity, happiness, joy, a sense of lightness.  I am no longer this small line but I am a bold, confident line.  I think this represents a fullness and a fulfillment of who I am.  There is another line next to me.  I also feel like a new place and “finding myself” will bring me to my balance.  It is like yin and yang.  I have a moon tattoo and it is constantly looking for its equal opposite to provide that equilibrium.  The whole problem is getting there.  But as I think about it, maybe it is the path I take to get there that provides me with what I need to grow.

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