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Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37: Feel Excited More Often

I remember growing up and being so excited all of the time.  It didn't take a santa-like feat for me to feel the enthusiasm that can take over when little joys arise.  My mom wanted to play checkers; aright, I'm ready to win.  I get to sleep over at a friends house; let the festivities begin!  I get to pick out one item at the dollar store; you can bet I'll make my selection carefully.  There were so many things that made my day extraordinary.

As I was preparing my outfit for Chicago tomorrow, I remember how much I used to love planning my outfits.  In elementary school I often created combos that I was so excited to wear that I decided to sneak them on the night before and sleep in it because I couldn't wait to test out my vision (my mom discovering this habit ruined the fun).  One outfit was designed for the first 60 degree day in the spring.  60 degrees meant shorts weather.  I decided to put together a daring outfit with black nylons and jean shorts over the top.  Remember that style last year?  I was modeling that back in the 90s. 

I used to experiment and find happiness in all of these situations that many people would consider ordinary.  I've lost a little bit of that, and I want to bring it back.  So as I lay in bed writing this blog, I look forward to my little excursion into the city where I have so much to look forward to in the train ride, L ride, and free time after the conference.  There is a line from "Seven Pounds" that I just love: "Live life abundantly."  Oh yes, I think I will.

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