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Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44: Cabin Fever

I stayed home today because I was not feeling well.  I had a hard time sleeping and felt feverish through the night.  I took today as a proactive measure to avoid getting even more sick.  My picture represents my attempt at digesting as much vitamin c as possible with a tasty orange chicken.

There are times when  I wish that I would get sick so that I can stay home and relieve the stress a little.  When I am sick though and have to stay home, I don't find it so relieving.  I feel trapped and isolated.  When I'm sick I don't follow my normal routine, so I don't put on make-up or dress somewhat nicely.  I know that it is okay to look like crap when I am sick, but it still bothers me.  It always seems like it will be nice to catch up on sleep, but instead I feel like a zombie because the sleep I'm getting is not restful and it is boring to just lie around.  Then there is the guilt of, should I have gone in today?

The truth is, I want to be able to step outside and breathe in fresh spring air.  I want to walk under the sun and feel it on my bare arms rather than my typical three layers of clothing.  I'd really love to inhale some salty air and walk barefoot in the sand.  This girl is ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to the life that comes in spring.

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