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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56: Road Trip

Today I took a quick trip to Indy with the Reece's.  It was a quickly planned trip because I was going through withdrawal symptoms.  This was Kendra's first trip to Indiana.  

Our first stop was at Brown's Antiques in Zionsville.  There are these yellow shutters there that I have seen several times and have loved each time I saw them.  A couple months ago, I even had a dream about them in my house.  I finally gave in today and bought them.  I don't have plans for them yet, but I just know that I love them.  The owner of the three buildings is such a friendly guy.  I find a little more joy in buying something from a place that I know the owners and feel as though I have made a contribution to their business.  I also was happy to find that the shutters were painted by a local artist.  I am very happy with my purchase.

Here you see some more images of the place.  When I took my photography tour in Venice, the guide said that you should try to focus on little details that make that city unique to you.  He said of course you are going to take the postcard pictures of San Marco and the Rialto, but dig deeper to find the typically unseen places of the city.  I found this guy on the door outside one of the little sheds at the antique store.  It reminded me of Venice.  I love visiting antique stores because there are so many of these hidden little gems, and it is like a game to find them and let the place tell its story.

This picture shows some of the buildings.  Visiting this area in the spring or summer is the best.  His gardens are absolutely beautiful and the paths have a rustic feel to them.  I highly recommend going to Brown's on 5th street in Zionsville if you are in the area.

From here we went to visit Noblesville so that I could check out the schools.  I think I would be very lucky to get in this area.  I am sending a prayer tonight for a little help with getting the edge that I need to get a job down there and make the move.

After Noblesville we ventured to Goose The Market to grab some meat.  From there we hunted down the West Coast Taco's food truck.  We were beginning to lose hope, but the big black truck unveiled itself and good food was eaten.  

Our next stop was the rental house that I saw online.  I really liked it when I looked at the website, but I loved it when I saw it in person.  It seems so perfect.  I love the neighborhood, the price is right, central air, two bedrooms, big windows, fireplace, garage, yard for a garden, etc.  I wish that I could grab it now before it is too late.  It looks like home.  Here is the website if you want to check it out.  Right now the upstairs and downstairs is available.

Our final stop was a dairy farm on the way home.  We tasted and bought some delicious cheeses.  All in all, it was a good day.

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