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Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 51: The Melissa Reece Historical Tour

Someday, if I am ever well known for my actions, people may want to visit my roots.  If they go back far enough, they will discover that it all began in Aurora.  On December 4, 1985 at 8:47 pm, I was born at Mercy Center Hospital.

Growing up, I went to two daycares.  The first is not pictured because I could not find it.  It was called Serendipity, and I was not a fan of that place.  Everyday I would go outside with my dad as he left for work and I would ask him, "is it going to rain today?"  We'd look up to the sky.  He said if I could see the stars that it wouldn't rain and if I couldn't see the stars, that it would rain (not the greatest meteorological prediction, but perhaps just about as accurate as the news).  I hated when it rained because it meant recess was inside.  I had bullies that would constantly tease; one spitting on my pillow, and one even pulling down my pants.  I also experienced chicken pox while there and surviving the Plainfield Tornado as my dad was pelted with hail when he came to get me.  

What is left of the second daycare is seen in the second picture.  I did not like this daycare much better, but I made a friend with downs syndrome.  I took care of her and she gave me something to keep occupied with as I waited for my parents to return.  Across the road was the temple.  We feared it after hearing of animal sacrifices.  After actually visiting the temple last year, I laughed at my silliness because I actually felt a great sense of respect for the religion and place of worship.

I began school at O'Donnell Elementary.  I went there up until second grade.  There are memories of being called the worst class, kicking boys, and getting in trouble for bringing a large amount of money to school.  My best friend was only that about every other day.  When I found out we were moving, I was so excited.  I see a parallel to now.  I was so excited for a chance to start over.  My friend said they thought they might move out to DeKalb to, but I told her there were not anymore houses for sale.  I needed a clean break.

Whenever I smell paste, I am taken back to elementary.  I remember the margarine tubs of paste that sat at every table.

Across the road was this creepy, swampy area.  I remember hearing stories of bodies being stashed in the woods.  Needless to say, we never went over there.

The final pictures are of the second apartment we lived in.  As I drove into the complex I had memories just rushing through my mind.  I passed the pool and remember when I nearly drowned.  I passed a shrubery and remembered burying a dead bird there with my friend, Edward.  I remember my dad not putting the truck in park as he went to get the mail and me moving in the truck by myself.  

1985 Tall Oaks Dr. Apt 1A (or A1 as I called it) is where I spent a good amount of time growing up.  I can't remember if it is the apartment on the right or left of the stairs.  There were many good memories here, but also several bad.  This is the reason that we left Aurora.  Drugs and graffiti took over the complex, and it was time to start a new life.  I am so grateful that we did because I do not know where my life would have taken me if I would have stayed.  I don't think I'd be the level headed person that I am now.  Would I have kids?  Would I have gotten into drugs?  Would I have made it to college?  Luckily, I didn't have to find out.

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