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Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 365: Fin

I thought I would be thrilled to be finally done with this commitment, but I'm a little sad it is over.  I was talking to my aunt Lori today and she sounded shocked that it was over.  After going back through my posts tonight I see what the year has brought me.  I am thankful to have this as a way of remembering the year. 

Top 2012 Themes:
1. Kendra
2. Family
3. Wine Nights
4. Rick Steves
5. Travel
6. Sick
7. Food
8. Moving
9. Elementary
10. Writing
11. Graduation
12. Nights Out
13. Daredevil Dad
14. Best Aunts Ever
15. Stress
16. Relaxation
17. Website
18. Skydiving
19. Lifelong Friendships
20. Spanish
21. Indianapolis
22. Pool Days
23. Goodbyes
24. Photography
25. Best Year Ever!

Although this project is complete, there are many more to tackle.  Cheers, proost, prost, cin cin, sante, and any other way you can say it.  To a new year and new adventures!

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