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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 337: I'm Going to be 27!

 I'll be 27 in about an hour and 20 minutes!  What an amazing day.  I received amazing gifts from my students.  Flowers, pencil toppers (lol), lotion, candles, duck tape bows, a book a student wrote, and much more.  I was feeling the love.  They even made up a song with bells, bongo drums, and other instruments for my birthday!  Wow.

As if that wasn't enough, not only did my current students help me celebrate my birthday, but also past students.  I got to see students that were in the Madrigals today that I miss so much.  It is so amazing to see them grow up.  I received calls from past students, visits, and letters.  How do they remember that it is my birthday?  I have to admit that I am feeling like a pretty amazing teacher tonight.  The funny thing is if you ask them what content they learned from me, it may be little, but if you ask about the bonds and relationships I built with them in a time when they needed it, then you'll see the difference.  I missed middle school a little today. 

My night ended with my best friend in the world.  We took our time talking and hanging out over a delicious dinner.  I can't imagine not having conversations with the best man in the world (in my opinion).

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