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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 335: Detox Day

 Since the holidays have started and winter has begun, my eating habits have changed.  It is time to detox and get back to normal portions and healthy choices.  I first learned about the detox from "French Women Don't Get Fat."  Now, the title may sound a little ridiculous, but the author brings up some great points and it has definitely worked for me (when I follow it). 

Beyond a diet detox, I also took the opportunity to have a brain detox.  Today was supposed to be a day for me.  No work.  Relaxation, getting outside, reading, using some creativity; these are all things I hoped to accomplish.  On a beautiful day like today, it was hard to stay inside, so I drove to the city to walk around for awhile.  I listened to French music and tried to pretend I was in France.  I wasn't exactly successful with that, but I still enjoyed going in.  The Willis Tower isn't exactly the Eiffel Tower.  My mind doesn't exactly feel detoxed because it is Sunday night and I think we all know what thoughts are creeping into my mind, but it wasn't a bad day.

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