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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 342: Just the Inspiration I was Looking for

I received a call just after my waking this morning.  My dad informed me that Sunday Morning had a segment about self-publishing.  I turned on the TV immediately to see what information it had to offer.  After listening to the stories of others, I know that I need to write my book and publish it.  I have finally determined what my year long project will be for 2013.  This blog has been a great project in launching my self-reflection and analysis of what I want to do.  So here is a step-by-step of my plan.  Now that I am publishing my plan to the world, that means I will pursue it; just as I have done with this blog.

The Details:
-By December 31, 2013, I will have published a book.
-Prior to publishing a book, I will write a book (of course).
     -This summer will be dedicated to writing the book that I want to read.

To help me reach this goal, here is my plan of action:
-Write every single day (even if it is not for my book).
-Write travel articles to create a foundation.
-Finally complete my travel writing course that I started 2 years ago.
-Create an Author's Page to begin promoting my work.
-Research self-publishing.
-Read more travel writing.

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