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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 347: Dissection

Sometimes I feel like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.  That sounds odd.  What I mean is that we share a trait in common.  I am always one to go to the library and pick up books on improving myself and not necessarily searching for get rich quick schemes, but ways to increase my profit.  In the movie he was looking for his million-dollar maker and he always had a self-improvement book behind his bar.  You can see my recent collection in the image today.

I'm currently reading a memoir right now that is a little eye-opening.  Not for its affective stories, but its simplicity.  It is a memoir about a woman that moves to Paris and it is basically a collection of Facebook updates and tweets.  It is like reading short diary segments.  The thing that is amazing to me is that it sells for $26 retail and has over 100 reviews on Amazon.  I'm sure she's sold a ton of copies and has made a decent buck from this book.  The writing is good, but the format is kind of blah.  The part that is eye-opening to me is that it sells.  Perhaps Paris sells.  Or maybe it is love stories that sell.  Whatever it is, I'm trying to dissect it. 

As you can see I'm moving forward on one of my goals.  It is time to bring my experience with dissection out of the science classroom and into my reading.  How can I create success and build a new style of travel writing?

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