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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 356: Chi Town

Today we took a chilly trip into the city.  We made it to the Museum of Science and Industry for the last hour and a half of its opening.  I miss taking my kids there.  That is definitely one of my favorite field trips.  After power walking through the exhibits, we made our way to Navy Pier.  It was a beautiful night to ride the Ferris Wheel.  I love seeing the city lit up with all of the Christmas lights.

We finished our evening with a dinner at Frontera Grill.  It was so funny because we put in our names and she began to say two, but I thought she was going to say a 20 minute wait.  Not exactly.  Try a two hour wait.  So we went to get a couple drinks while we waited.  I always hope I'm going to see Rick Bayless when I go, but I'm sure he is rarely in Chicago now.

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