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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 341: Shopping

What a wonderful Saturday.  My morning began with purchasing the new Rick Steves DVD set.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I've seen one of the new Rome episodes, but that it is.  I want to own this set because he visits cities I've been to and interviews local guides that have led me through their cities.  A little gift to myself.

Since I began with shopping, I decided to continue.  I went all over to search for gifts for loved ones.  I stopped for lunch at Ikea.  They had a deal for their Swedish meatballs.  They are so tasty.  I was fueled to continue on with my shopping.  My last stop was at HomeGoods where I got in trouble.  I found a chair that would fit perfectly in my creativity room.  I've been wanting to have a nice chair for reading and writing in my room.  Well, now I do.  Thank you Aunt Linda and Aunt Becky for the birthday money.  I look forward to using my new chair :).

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