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Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 362: Ideas

I was so productive today.  I made some amazing progress on my website (see here:  I also created a budget.  I'm tired of not having enough money, so I'm going to change that.  Although I have some challenges to face (like paying off my credit card), I know that I can catch up if I stick to this budget.  Something I realized right away is that I don't make enough money for my lifestyle.  Using conservative numbers, I only have $300 left over after budgeting everything.  I've decided I'm going to save $50 each paycheck and I'm going to pull out $100 in cash for entertainment each month.  Once that cash is spent, this girl will be stuck with nights in.  I need to cut back.  No reason I should be spending $100 a weekend after going out.

I also did a lot of planning for the new year.  I know I've mentioned that my goal for next year is to publish my first book (oh, and write it).  I'm also going to do what I can to market myself.  I'm thinking of creating video blogs for youtube, articles to publish for kindle, and creating an author website.  I'm also excited to share that I signed up for a class in January about how to publish a book.  Might as well learn what I can now before the book is done.  I'm so thrilled to think that this year I am going to make so many of my dreams happen.  I know this year will have good things in store!

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