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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 94: Zen Moment

Planning a field trip is tiring.  Somehow, each year I forget this.  Once I came home I decided that I would give myself the night.  

When I got home from my trip I set out my sand and shells form the Meditteranean to dry.  Since it is now Tuesday, I figured they were probably dry enough that I could bottle them.  I spent about 20 minutes picking the shells to place in the jar and trying to fit the sand in the small mouth of the bottle.  I bought the little bottles in Arles for 2 euros each.  I enjoyed "playing" with the sand.  It is very soft and much darker than other sands I have collected.  I can see how people enjoy keeping zen gardens where they rake the sand.  There is something theraputic about it.  

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