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Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118: Friday Night

Cajun fried potato salad.  It is wrong in so many ways (most obvious in the health sector), but it is so tasty.  Fatty's in DeKalb is known for their different take on potato salad and it is something that is a must-have if I go there.  Tonight called for a celebration of friendship and birth.  My friend Susie's birthday is this weekend, so we got together to catch up and jam to some music.

It seemed like a lot of other people had the same idea.  There were quite a few bar crawls and places were packed with people.  After a filling dinner, we picked up some friends and journeyed to Starbusters to see Mike and Joe.  I've been a Mike and Joe fan since I've been able to go to bars.  They cover artists like OAR, Dashboard, Bruce Springsteen, and Maroon 5.  It is a nice combination of old and new.  Tonight they played "We are Young."  This song was belted through the bar like it is the anthem for a generation.  I'm not sure which age group exactly: my age which is realizing that I'm not a college kid anymore or the college kid that realizes they are making huge decisions that will forever impact their life.  Perhaps the song fits any age.  Any person can be young, it is more of a mindset than a number.  It does seem to be such a romanticized idea to be young.  It didn't seem so great at the time.  Maybe we only wish to be young because things are difficult at the moment.  Or maybe we want to be young so we are further from death and have more time.  Who knows.

I'm attaching a video clip.  I took my old point-and-shoot camera so the quality is horrible.  The sound is nothing like what it was like live, but maybe you'll get a glimpse of the energy that was felt while the song played.

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