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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87: Fulfilling French Cravings

Today we went East to Aix en Provence.  It was market day, so we got to see spices, legumes, and sweet fruits.  I also fueled up on one of my must haves in France-nutella crepe.  I got my sugar kick and was ready to go.  

I bought some posters that were reasobably priced.  I am in love with posters.  Someday my place may be completely covered with posters because I can't seem to say no.  I just love them.

We walked down the streets and I took several photos.  There was one scene I really wanted to capture, but I ruined it.  In this picture you see a man and his dog.  As we were walking down the street, I saw this man head to head with his dog while his dog sat in his lap.  It was very sweet and it seemed as if there was some indescribable connection between the two of them.  I love capturing dogs and their owners, so I thought I'd offer him a euro and get their picture.  Unfortunately my approaching them caused the dog to get up, so I missed the moment.  I guess I learned my lesson: snap, then offer money.  At least the image stays in my mind.

We then went to lunch and I had the "suggestion."  Roti poulet with puree potatoes was the plat du jour and it was wonderful.  I don't think you can ever go wrong with rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes.  Somehow saying rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes doesn't sound quite as grand, but it was delicious.  The potatoes were very thinly spread so every little bite that I could scrape up kept me wanting more.  Ahh the flavor.  After sitting in the sun and enjoying our lunch, we went to a church.

When we returned, we walked around Avignon after an espresso, au pain chocolat, and vin.  I bought a lavender sign and soaps.  Lori bought a painting from a local artist and gave it to Becky as a gift.  

For dinner we had Linda's famous lemon garlic fettucine, roasted asparagus with rosemary we grabbed at the Pont du Gard, fruit salad, roti chicken, and Anthony Bourdain's favorite way to eat radishes.  For dessert we had macaroons that we bought while we were in Aix.  I definitely don't eat this well when I am at home.

Linda, Janey, and I went out for a walk and drink.  We walked quite a while and found a tapas restaurant on a side street to get our drink.  Janey and I ordered a kir royal and sipped it as we took in the wonderful French evening.

As I walk through these towns, I keep finding religious statues/carvings in the walls.  I love how there are little surprises everywhere you look.  It reminds me a lot of Venice in that way.  

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