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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 82: Trip Picture

Whenever I go on a big trip, I have to bring a picture of my pet with me.  Here is the picture I will use for this trip.  Isn't she funny?  My first trip to Europe, I painted a picture of my guinea pig and brought that with me.  For some reason I have to bring that little reminder with me.

As I got ready tonight, I listened to "Midnight in Paris" (twice).  I have all of these ideas for what I want to do in Paris, but maybe I'll just sit at a cafe.  I wonder how others feel, but I have this idea that you can't really define yourself around others (acquaintances, friends, family, etc.) .  In the end you are just comparing yourself to those individuals, and a relative definition does not suffice.  To truly identify the I or me, you have to be alone.  I'm not saying you can't be around others, but prior associations seem to inhibit this ability.  I may be completely full of hot air right now but there is something about setting out on your own.  As I try to find sleep tonight, many thoughts flow in and out of my mind.  One of them being: who will I be when I return?

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