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Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76: Anticipation

I took a picture of the beginning blooms earlier this week, and now look at them.  Who would have thought that March could be so great.  

I cannot believe that a week from today I will be on a plane.  You spend so much time getting ready and waiting for a trip to come, and when it finally does, it seems so fast.  I think people may think that I'm weird for traveling abroad whenever I can and spending so much money on it, but I can't imagine not living this way.  This weekend I need to start packing, charging batteries, and cleaning off photo cards..
Tomorrow I will be celebrating St. Patrick with a school bus bar crawl in the city.  I'm excited to hang with some cool people, meet some new people, and enjoy the day in the city.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.  Can't wait!

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