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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 84: Desitination Provence

The trip from DC to Paris was long.  United Airlines has very little room and there was no place to put my bag but at my feet, so it was a pretty immobile journey.  We left the airport over 50 minutes late because of computer issues and technical difficulties.  This caused us to miss our train to Provence.  Because of this, we had to pay 108 Euros for a new ticket.  At first I was upset, but once I got off the plane and a lady said bon jour to me, I figured I couldn't be too angry because at least I was in France.  I knew I was in France when I saw the ladies underwear on the ground.
The train ride was scenic.  We arrived at the station and picked up our rental.  We checked the car from bumper to bumper to look for scratches and dings.  It was a little nerve-wracking in the beginning because we pulled forward and realized we were going into a dead end.  It was at this moment that my Aunt Becky tried to reverse, but was unable.  The manual car was different than what she'd driven before.  After jolting forward a few times, she found the way to reverse and we backed out safely.  I was a bit anxious about renting a car, and I am so glad that Becky took on the huge responsibility of chauffeur.  She nailed it.

As we got close to the apartment, we dropped off Lori and Christy while Becky and I searched for parking.  It was crazy.  The roads were sooooooo narrow and people were becoming very impatient as they reved their tires and honked at us.  We parked on the outside of the wall, but at least it was safe and free.

It was a tiring walk to the apartment with our luggage, but reaching the apartment provided a sense of accomplishment.  It was absolutely beautiful.  There was a courtyard with a tree, a wonderful kitchen with updated appliances, wood beams, soothing shower, plenty of space, and a guest house beyond the courtyard where I stayed.  Linda stayed with me the first two nights, but it was not working out so well, so I stayed there by myself.  The bed was very comfortable and the comforter kept me warm in the chilly night.

We grabbed dinner at a cafe by Les Halles.  I ordered a salad and lasgne.  I needed something warm and filling because I was starving.  Janey and Linda ordered some beautiful salads.  All in all, it was a long day, but as we toasted with our drinks, it felt good to be in Provence.

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