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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68: The Ups and Downs

I came out to my car from work with a little Provence care package from my dad.  Tomorrow marks the two week countdown.  After this week with ISATs, I cannot wait to get away.  I just feel like I've spent way too much time with the same kids in the same room.

Although the temperature was not as nice today, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Kendra and I enjoyed a lengthy walk together after I did a little cleaning.  It is so great to hear the birds sing.  Now Kendra lies snoring next to me, happy as can be.

After our walk, I began to fix dinner.  Now that I'm home, I'd like to work on my health again.  I fixed tasty grilled shrimp with a salad and toast with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.  

As I sat watching the students take their ISATs, I thought that I'd like to be stronger.  The kids are becoming a bit unruly with the testing and spring fever.  I feel like the whip needs to come out.  I was thinking that if I felt physically stronger, that I would also feel stronger mentally.  Sometimes I just feel too exhausted to push back.  Perhaps if I was feeling better overall, I would have the energy to put some of those tough kids in their place.  So, in other words, the food will begin to improve and so will my activity level.

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