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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74: Ahhhh, Humanity

If I were in Paris today and the weather was the same, I would find a cafe with a great view for people watching and order a champagne to toast the city to life.  If this plan didn't work, I'd stop at a fromagerie to buy some cheese, a boulangerie to buy some bread, and pick up a bottle of vin for a makeshift picnic on the banks of the Seine.  Just as the birds and plants seem to have come to life, I feel the same way. 

I wanted to get out to take some pictures of the sunset, but instead I found that so many people had gathered outdoors to take in the life that exudes in spring.  The funny part is that spring has not even come yet.  Walking up and down the riverwalk and downtown area was a greater than average Wednesday night.

The next photo has clearly been edited (HDR), but I can't help but love it.  I used to think that using programs was "cheating," but now I feel that it allows me to be even more creative and view the world more realistically or more fantastically.  I think that you would enjoy the original photo, but isn't this one even more?  I love it.  I think I love photography so much because it is something I truly do for myself.  I criticize my work, not because I care what others think of it, but to challenge myself and create images that mean more to me.  Life is good.

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