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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67: A Letter to Myself

Tonight I finished my graduate program.  Although I think it is a pretty big deal, it doesn't really feel like one.  More than anything, I am excited to have more freedom.  As I consider what I'd like to do with this freedom, I must take into account my bad habits.  At this point I am soooooo excited to have time to read, walk, breathe, do whatever.  The problem is that this is all very fresh in my mind at this moment.  I am coming straight from little time to a lot more time.  I am afraid that as time passes, I will find several useless ways to spend it.  I may pick up a book or a resolution, but as soon as I get used to having more time, I will waste it and have no time to do what it is I want.

So Melissa, this is a letter to you.  Don't waste your time.  Don't come home from work, watch TV, fix dinner, maybe do a little work, and watch TV.  Go home, take your dog for a long walk, do some research on whatever entices you for the moment, read at least 30 minutes, pick up a creative project, work at taking really good pictures, and make yourself better.  You know how much time was taken up by your classes and the assignments that came with them.  This time is now open, don't forget that.

Below you will see the creative project that I received in the white elephant exchange.  The pictures don't really look as good as the originals, but they are awesome.  My little reminder of this experience.

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