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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 78: Steel Magnolias

I don't think I've ever seen magnolias bloom this fast.  There used to be a tree right outside the education building at NIU and I loved looking at its blooms.

Today was all about preparation.  I woke up early so that I could do my school work and I was able to finish before 9:00.  I made lists, started using them to pack, made more lists, talked to my aunts, then packed more.  I don't remember doing so much planning for the departure in my early traveling days, but I definitely feel like I do much more now.  I think it is because I have realized how valuable every second is while abroad and I don't want to have to waste it on anything silly.

I think this trip ranks pretty high with excitement.  I'm so excited to see new areas and visit my old favorite, Paris.  I was talking to my Aunt Linda about what I want to see in Paris and we both came up with these lists that are unrealistic, but I just think that shows how much there is to do there.  This will be my third time visiting and I think that even if I lived there I would not be able to see everything I want.  Here are some ideas though:  Old Favorites-Notre Dame, Seine, Tullieries, Montmartre, New Sights-Carnavalet, Hotel De Ville (photography exhibit), Rue Cler, and who knows what else.  Adventures lie ahead and I'm ready.

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