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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 64: Sunday Morning

I woke up after a night out ready for some breakfast.  I met with my dad and we made our way to Naperville for some fresh squeezed orange juice and sustenance.  I enjoyed a hearty breakfast with good company and conversation.

After breakfast we did our grocery shopping at Whole Foods and Caputo's.  We returned to my place to take Kendra for a long walk, and then it was time to work.

I was thinking yesterday that if I am unable to move, that perhaps I will do something I considered two years ago.  There is this group called Geovisions and they offer several opportunities for voluntourism.  The one that I am interested in is the conversation corps.  I would stay with a family in a country of my choice and teach them English for a minimum of a month.  I only teach 15 hours per week, so the weekends and evenings are mine.  I feel that I need a big adventure and if moving does not work out, then I would like to do this.  The big choice would then be, which country?  Right now I am leaning towards Italy.  The truth is that I just want something to happen and if it doesn't work as I hope, then I want to have another option.

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