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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 172: Road Trip to Galena

It was a short night last night considering what time we went to bed.  I got up and fixed breakfast and tried to fix coffee.  I just drink espresso, so I don't have a big coffee pot.  We used my dad's keurig and kind of flooded my countertop.  We also managed to get some coffee out of it too.  

We hit the road around 8:30 to Galena.  We took the scenic route out so we could see some of the countryside and sneak into Iowa to say we went to another state.  It was a nice day, just hot.  Once we got to Galena we grabbed some lunch at a place called Gobbies.  Linda and I shared a sandwich.  I really liked the salad that we got there with the raspberry vinaigrette.  Becky and Linda got to try beer nuggets for the first time.  I think they liked them.

After lunch we wandered the town, weaving in and out of shops.  We also did a little wine tasting at Massbach Ridge and Galena Cellars.  I love Galena Cellars.  Unfortunately it was time to get back on the road to make it home for dinner time. 

Dinner was kind of a pitch-in.  Linda brought lasagna, I made a salad, portobello mushrooms, and garlic bread, and Becky made crepes suzette for dessert.  It was a nice family meal, too bad we were missing one person: Lori.

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