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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 158: Feelin the Heat

My Aunt Lori is probably going to kill me because she just sent me an e-mail about wearing sunscreen, but I am a crispy critter.  Crystal came over today and we went to the pool that Ashley works at to soak up some sun.  I didn't put on sunscreen right away, but I did later.  Apparently it was too late.  Besides the burn, it was a wonderful day.  It was the perfect makings for a relaxing summer afternoon.  Margaritas (or Margrets as Crystal calls them), good company, beautiful weather, and time.  Mix these all together and you get fun in the sun.  We came back from our roast to fix dinner and watch "500 Days of Summer."  As we sipped wine, ate dinner, and watched a movie I was thinking that this is the life.  

Tomorrow I get to go into my new classroom to do a little decorating and sizing up.  Then Friday I've got graduation rehearsal and drinks.  Saturday is graduation.  And Sunday is a wine festival in Lincolnwood.  Life is pretty great.  The only worries I have are the IRS and my blood test results.  More information to come about these items later.

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